Ideas to promote your restaurant online

Ideas to promote your restaurant online

The food is delicious, the menu is diverse, the atmosphere is fantastic and the service is wonderful – however, you have not yet managed to fill all the tables in your restaurant. But that can change!

Having a successful restaurant implies much more than just offering tasty dishes and serving the customer very well. Yes, although these two points are absolutely fundamental and should always be the priority, this can only work in full if you have a reasonable number of loyal customers, who are always ready to book a table and return to your restaurant – whether you are located in Porto, Pa├žos de Ferreira or Braga.

Never forget that it is those consumers who will spread the word about your business and recommend it to all friends who also have that gastronomic experience that you can offer them.

Stop for a moment and think about other restaurants that you like to visit yourself. Why do you prefer some over others? How and why do you decide to visit a new space that has just opened in Lisbon, Aveiro, Viana do Castelo or even close to home?

Most important of all, after a long and tiring week, what is that pizzeria or sushi restaurant where you want to go because you know you will leave there satisfied and happy? For most of the current consumers, everything depends on the evaluations of the people who are closest to them – and, with this, we mean friends and family.

In a city you’re visiting for the first time, for instance, recommendations made by local people or research platforms through geolocation are the best solution.

Imagine the following scenario: if you really like a restaurant, the food served there or the gastronomic experience itself, the most likely thing is to subscribe to the newsletter and follow the brand on social networks, right? That way you can find out more about new dishes added to the menu, events that will take place and all the exciting news that will give you an even better experience.

For food lovers, having access to these novelties through social networks, by email or even by phone, is always good.

And that is all that is needed.

So, let’s see the list that Indigit has prepared for you with marketing ideas and trends that result in the area of catering, custom designed to delight customers over and over again.

Never forget that marketing for restaurants is totally different from that made for hotels or for the food industry in general. These trends are constantly changing and evolving. What is important is to keep your strategy always updated, and understand how “what’s in fashion” affects your particular restaurant.

And what are the trends that really work? There are many that can really take the marketing created for your space further, but focus on these tips – and good luck not to get hungry!

Social Networks

Social media platforms are an advantage for all industries, but especially for restaurants. Social networks have become the showcase that clients seek most – at any age – to look for recommendations, evaluations and suggestions.

Reaching people through these networks and creating involvement with them will give you the opportunity to keep the name of your restaurant in mind. However, you must even strive to create appealing content – and even mix photos taken by customers with others taken professionally.

Never leave out originality, i.e. use real images of your dishes or space.

Live videos, through Facebook and Instagram, are one of the most recommended trends for social networks and should be well explored. You can take your followers on a guided tour of the restaurant, go to the kitchen or even introduce the staff.

The focus should always be on the images that really represent the employees and clients in action; creating contests and making people share your page in their personal profiles is the main objective.

The visual aspect and the design play a very important role in capturing the audience’s attention. At this point, you really have to think hard and let creativity flow to be able to create images that speak for themselves.

Email marketing

If you are not yet using email marketing as a way to communicate with your subscribers, start doing it right away! This is a highly effective way for the catering industry to promote and create engagement with customers.

Drawing up a marketing plan for sending emails that offers quality content and information to readers in order to increase loyalty to your restaurant is also half the way to increase your brand awareness.

You can include news about dishes or recipes introduced in the menu, information about events, give discount coupons and even scratchcards, or simply stories about employees or satisfied customers.

Specific Apps for catering and online booking services

Reports on the technology employed in this industry tell us that the technical tools that most help customers make a decision are the possibility to make an online reservation, free wifi and online orders.

Having a partnership with popular restaurant applications will give your customers the possibility to see your space and access loyalty programs that give them benefits such as discounts or promotions. In addition, allowing the reservation and ordering completely online increases the likelihood that visitors will enjoy a good meal more, without the frustration of waiting for a table.

With more and more customers opting for these digital utensils and using them regularly, this creates an opportunity to increase the number of reservations and get more genuine feedback as well as more positive evaluations.