The profitability of a buffet restaurant

The profitability of a buffet restaurant

One of the main gastronomic tendencies of the present time is the restaurant buffet, and the proof is in the boom that they are having in the last years, having a wide variety of buffets of all type, for all the tastes.

More and more restaurants are betting on the buffet model, and it is not surprising if we take into account the profitability they offer, as well as the high demand they have by diners.

When we talk about buffet, we are referring to a restaurant model in which diners pay a fixed amount, and can eat all the dishes they want, without any kind of restriction, until their appetite is satisfied.

Main advantages of a free buffet restaurant

The advantages offered by a free buffet are many, both for the restaurant itself and for the guests themselves, and we will now tell you about the most important ones.

Great variety

It is common for restaurants to leave out many dishes when preparing their menu, with the intention of not making a too wide menu that may confuse their customers.

That said, the main advantage of a restaurant buffet, is the wide variety of different dishes that can offer their customers, choosing all kinds of different foods and preparations of the highest quality.

An advantage for the restaurant, since it can offer all type of appetizers, first plates, seconds and desserts, and also for the companions at table, who will be able to prove of everything a little, making their own menu, without having to pay an exorbitant price for it.

Price closed

The next advantage of buffet restaurants, is that they offer a closed price, which the customer knows before entering the restaurant, so you can decide whether it fits your budget or not.

In this way, the diner will be able to eat everything he wants without getting a scare when he receives the bill, while the restaurant will ensure a fixed price for each customer, which will serve to have an approximate estimate of the daily cash flow, just by seeing the number of customers who have received.

Serving oneself

Most of the free buffets are characterized by the fact that it is the customers who serve themselves, which allows them to choose the amount they want in each dish, according to their appetite, as well as the different sauces and accompaniments.

This, besides being an advantage for the client, who will be able to elaborate his menu freely according to his preferences, is also an advantage for the restaurants, since they ensure the total satisfaction of the guests, and also allows them to save on waiters.

Ideal for informal meals

A buffet restaurant is shown to be the best option for informal lunches or dinners, in which one seeks to escape the rigidity of a conventional restaurant.

At a buffet, diners will be able to enjoy more relaxed and relaxed meals, without having to worry about the waiters, as they will serve themselves according to their own preferences.

Feeling at home

In buffet restaurants, diners feel at home, since by selecting the dishes themselves, and serving themselves the amount they want, it will be like opening the refrigerator in their kitchen, and deciding what they want to eat, but without the need to stand in front of the stove.

Tips for managing a free buffet

Once we have commented on the main advantages they offer, now we are going to give a series of tips to manage a free buffet correctly, which will help you to make your restaurant a real customer magnet, where diners can enjoy all the advantages mentioned above, and offer you the expected profitability.

Prepare your restaurant

For a restaurant to be able to offer a good buffet service, it must be perfectly prepared for it, otherwise, it will be very likely that endless queues will form, and it will end up being a real chaos, both for you, and for the customers.

It is important to have a perfectly prepared area, and differentiated from the rest of the restaurant, which will be located in the food. It should be a large area to ensure the comfort of diners, and near the kitchen, so that it is easier for the cooks to take the food.

Betting on quality

If you want your restaurant to attract customers, you must bet on quality food. There are many buffets that offer a wide variety of different dishes, with options for all tastes, but that the quality leaves much to be desired, and that over time end up having to hang the sign of closed.

If you have to choose between quality and quantity, in The Cooksters we recommend you to do it always for the quality, since it will be the simplest form to satisfy the clients.

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Extend the schedule

Buffets are usually open for more hours than a conventional restaurant, where the kitchen opens and closes at a certain time.

The idea is that a customer can go to a buffet at almost any time of day, so if you want to offer good service, it is important to extend the opening hours of your restaurant.